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8 thoughts on “ Howlin For My Darling - Xander Harris - A Colourful Storm 006 (File, MP3)

  1. Life had betrayed Xander Harris in many ways, parents that didn’t want her, classmates that ridiculed her, friends that were at most times indifferent to her. So, when Xander was stabbed in .
  2. Sep 23,  · Check out Dirts by Xander Harris on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on enabtehawfethun.siwitaloctisennacitatakehe.co
  3. Xander Harris is introduced in season one's () two-part premiere "Welcome to the Hellmouth"/"The Harvest".Xander meets Buffy Summers (Gellar), the Slayer, on her first day at Sunnydale High, as well as her Watcher Rupert Giles (Anthony Head).After his friend Jesse (Eric Balfour) is made a vampire, Xander accidentally kills him, resulting in him resenting enabtehawfethun.siwitaloctisennacitatakehe.cod by: Joss Whedon.
  4. A "Marvel Universe > General" fan-fiction story. Xander finds out that living through everything he has faced comes with a higher price than just an eye, and fixing things leaves him permanently changed.. "Xander Harris: Soul Survivor", chapter 2 by VladtheImpish.
  5. Claim: BtVS: Xander Harris Title: The Zeppo In Mind Author: M. McGregor Characters: Xander/Faith Prompt: First Time Rating: NC Length: Epic Brief summary: Xander accidentally makes himself incorporeal. And the voice in Faith's head. I love this story. It's a ridiculous premise, but it leads to the most inevitable and unconventional relationship I'd read up to that point.
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  7. The Powers That Be need Xander to be there in Sunnydale to be the Slayer's White Knight and the symbol of humanity that keeps Buffy fighting, intervening and twist the rules of Vengence Demons Xander LaVelle Harris is no more and Alexandra Leanne Harris is born, friend to both Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg and the love interest of the.
  8. Nov 11,  · What I cant stand in some YAHF is after getting a power up, it turns out Xander is also not a Harris. When it's on its own or because of crack I might be able to deal. Biggest offender of this is Iron Shadow of the Bat over on TtH. So Xander dresses up as Iron Man during S2 Halloween in a BtVS/DC world. When Tony takes over, he takes off to.

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